Battle of the Bell 2023 - UC Week

I have a confession. I went to a wedding last night. Moving forward I will be attending a wedding on victory bell saturday for the foreseeable future.


Jive you missed one of the most glorious things I’ve ever seen on this forum. At one point last night, there were so many messages going on I actually saw a slow load error message due to heavy volume. That is a sign the small rebel base that is MU sports fandom is growing.



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I actually got a text about that. Having to pay for the next tier server would be a welcome expense to come out of getting the bell!

Well, I think people would help you out here. You and the others who came before you did a lot to make this forum a great place to connect. The financial burden shouldn’t fall on you alone to maintain it. Do a small go-fund-me and we’d all cover the costs. Heck, maybe it would get us out of the nickel and dime level pricing anyways.


Let us know where we can chip in.

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I feel bad cause the text jive is referring to is mine, but I was really just high on life and making an ejaculation joke.

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Were you at the game, Alex? Thought I might have seen you on tv.

Nope. I wish!

Matt had a great game but I don’t understand how Frizz didn’t win the conference’s Defensive award! He definitely gets the NESCACDAD Difference Maker Award!


A lot of really great play on that side of the ball Saturday. I wonder if they view the block as a special teams play rather than defensive? 18 tackles is such an absurd number though (he’s on pace for 140 tackles this season).

Someone else that deserves a hat tip is Raion Strader. True freshman, pushed into the starting lineup because of injuries, and hasn’t blinked. Team leading 3 PBUs against UC including some of the best coverage against a goal line slant you’ll see at any level. Almost had a game ending pick in OT as well.


Good point about the FG block, Jive. Regardless of the MAC awards, Yahsyn has earned a legacy spot in Miami football history. Matt has been spectacular…and Raion is already playing at an All MAC level as a true freshman.

Our athletes looks as good or better than theirs on Saturday night. That’s a tremendous sign.

Strader did look confident in the game…

let’s not go crazy NESCA…but yes I thought we looked good athletically, and pretty solid on lines.

We did struggle some in getting “push” in run game…but I thought our DL did some things at times that looked strong and quick…I think Woullard is going to really take it up the next couple games…he really presents a matchup issue.

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There are a lot of legit complaints to make about the Martin regime over the last decade, but you can’t say that he hasn’t done a really good job developing linebackers in that time. Salopek is right in the mode of McWood, Koenig, and Kern (and probably others I’m forgetting) that aren’t the flashiest players but are physical dudes who rack up tackles and really quarterback the defense.


Saturday night was the first appearance of the Miami Marching Band under its new director. How did they look and sound?