Would love to see a highlight reel that has the TV footage with Bake & Bridge radio clips.


Bluesman is keeping the CAPS LOCK on until we lose!!

Still trying to find out what we got paid for the UC game - anyone on this site know the amount?



We were given an antique bell as payment.


G5 teams never get paid by P5s for home-and-homes or even 2-1 deals. The whole point is that the G5 gets a home date against a big name/power conference foe they normally wouldn’t get, the P5 doesn’t have to shell out seven figures for one or two FBS OOC games. In our case it’s also for the sake of the rivalry too.

The bell’s worth…priceless!

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The experience Saturday night was worth way more than any check those bums could send to us.

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Where did you get that info. I dont think that is true

I thought it was common knowledge between college football fans, could be wrong. Though I’d imagine it’d be a lesser payday most of the time since the demand for P5 home games by G5 programs is so high.

I think they swap small guarantees for the first 2 years (like $500k) and then The third game is maybe a little less than full price but still more like a buy game. That is how I thought it worked


P.S. If we continue to field good teams, we should be able to sell out a home game against UC. That isn’t a mil$, but would equal a decent payday for a Miami home game.

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We can charge more for the Cincy game at home in Oxford as everyone and their brother will want a ticket.

This isn’t necessarily true. For a recent example, Alabama is playing a 2-1 with USF, the second home game for Alabama is a $1MM guarantee to USF. It’s reduced a lot from a normal guarantee, but USF is still getting paid.

Yep, again using the USF/Alabama series, they are swapping $400K for the first two games. Our series with UMass is $150K after each home to the away team. That helps pay for the travel costs and even out revenue for the athletic departments.

Our contract with UC explictly says that each side agrees to waive a $40K guarantee payment (not sure if that is a usual amount, or the amount from the previous contract). So neither side is paying the other ever, and we are not getting any money for this year.

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In case you missed it, Matt Barre gave Miami the team of the week helmet sticker for our win over Cincinnati on the Saturday night College Football Final Show with Joey Galloway and Dan Mullen.


I did miss that. Great