Basketball End of Season Discussion

With the season over, where did Miami 117th team land compared to your expectations?

After losing the only consistent creative scorer, I thought it’d be a struggle and my biggest hope for the team was they’d show steady improvement and qualify for the MAC tourney. I think they did that.

My big surprises:

6-12 and 12-20 probably was about my expectations but the strong finish including beating Ohio was nice

The 5 person recruiting class probably gives more optimism than anything on the court

Safford was better than expected. Anderson was as well

But since we went 12-20 and finished near 300 in KenPom that highlights that some guys were worse

Final pleasant surprise were the 2 free ticket big crowds. Makes me think that maybe we could average around 3,000 again. Mind you that is 1,000 more than either Akron or Kent averaged with their great teams


I think the attendance for a great product would be shockingly high. Geographically speaking, we’re in the heart of hoops country.


Don’t know how many have seen it, but there is a Miami specific site that is expanding coverage on Miami men’s basketball and football. To check out an end-of-year look at basketball article, go to:


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I guess this counts for End of Season discussion: Huge collection of action pics for 2022-23 games at:

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Welcome. It’s a great spot to land if you love Mu athletics.

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