Baseball vs Ohio

This weekend in Oxford. Need a sweep if Miami wants any chance at the 2 seed for a first round bye in the MAC tournament. Zach MacDonald has a chance to break both the single season Miami home run record and the career Miami home run record with 2 more home runs (1 to tie them).

Looks like we won game 1. Final was 3-1. Can’t find the box score

That was softball YN. Both are playing Ohio, so easy to mix up. Looks like we’re up 3-2 in the 7th at last update.

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Oh snap! I got the score from mAC baseball but maybe they made the mistake. Or maybe I made the mistake. Either way, mistakes were made. (I sounded a bit like a corp comms expert there standing in front of a podium trying to explain how the oil tanker ended up on the rocks…)


Evan Appelwick walks it off with a single in the 9th inning! 4-3 win


Always nice to beat OU in multiple sports in the same day.


The wind is taking the ball over the fence today as we trail 8-0 in the 3rd

Obviously not taking ours!

As soon as zaborowski hits a fly ball the wind is completely dead and caught at the warning track. 1 minute later the flag is waving again

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Miami loses 14-5. Final MAC game for Miami before the tournament is tomorrow at 1

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Miami blows a 10-3 lead and loses 12-11 after a late 9th inning rally that almost brought Miami back. They finish 17-13 in the MAC

Pitching depth continues to be a problem


I still am certain we can win the MAC. And I haven’t felt this way in years.