Baseball transfers

Transfer season in baseball is upon us. First Miami transfer I’ve seen. Zaborowski to Georgia.

I’m well on the way to really, really, really hating college sports.


I’m going to give it some time to shake out, but am feeling like you.

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I’m glad we got him for at least a season. Kid was clearly a top prospect as the school he came from did well this year in the ncaa tourney. He had a great year for us. Now he’s onto UGA which is historically pretty good. Maybe they gave him some loot. Baseball is a sport where having some money to keep players might make sense. Because with the number of rounds in the MLB draft, it’s probably the only major pro league where college conference doesn’t matter. If you get on a team somewhere and do well at the pro level (A, AA) you will get seen and have a chance to get to the show.

Other RedHawks in the portal:

RHP Zach Maxey
INF Justin Gorski
RHP Ryan Zimmer
RHP Nolan Hollis
C Jonathan Vigoa
RHP Greyson Chappel

No major names so far other than Zaborowski.

I feel that schools like ours don’t have a chance to survive as a major, or even a mid-major. Definitely not happy!

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Garrett Pike from Toledo entered the portal. He was probably the best player in the MAC last year (although he didn’t win MAC player of the year)