Baseball at WMU

Lost the opener 3-0. Second game starting at 3:35.

I am from Kalamazoo–born and raised. Many years ago, a friend was the bat boy for WMU baseball. One afternoon, I went to a game, WMU playing OU. The stadium was, and is, on a major road (Stadium Dr), located over the left field wall. An OU player came to bat. He hit a shot that landed in the middle of Stadium, probably 450 feet away. The hitter, I found out later, was one Mike Schmidt. Yes, that Mike Schmidt.
One very long homer that I still (sort of) remember.


In 1986 there was a spray painted dot on the side of Withrow Hall that was supposedly where a Mike Schmidt bomb struck the building. If the dot was accurate I believe he hit that one over 450 feet.


I think OU finished top 4 in the country that year.

Steve Swisher. Doug Diamond.

I believe Frank Howard hit one off of Withrow also.


Hondo probably hit one over Withrow!

For the young ones in the crowd, this was when the “original” McKie Field had home plate where the current right field is, pre 2002 renovations.

And I always called it Withrow Court. The current Withrow Hall is a completely different building on the same site. Obviously.


Miami was leading 9-2 but Western got 15 run in in the 5th and 6th. Now down 17-11.

Swept in Kalamazoo.