Baseball at UK

Miami leading 20-4 UK 3-1 in the third inning. On the ESPN App.

Strange but true: with one out in the bottom of five Miami leads 5-2 in spite of giving up eight walks and two hit batsmen.

I’ve said it before: this year is going to be different. Tracy Smith level different. We brought in enough good talent with the good talent we have that we might actually be able to go from worst to first. Or whatever we were…close to the bottom.

Leading 5-2 with two outs in the bottom of the seventh with runners aboard, Priesel walks two and hits two. Tied at 5 with two outs and bases loaded.

Applewick in to pitch. Bases loaded walk and UK scores again - leading 6-5. Two run base hit and UK up 8-5.

Strikeout finally ends the 7th!

13 walks and 4 hit batsmen given up by Miami pitchers.

Down 5-8 in the 7th after a few hits and 5 hbp/walks

All six runs in the 7th charged to Preisel.Three up three down for MU in the 8th.

Kentucky broadcast crew was first class!

Two out UK home run in the 8th.

Miami goes 1-2-3 again in the 9th.

Final 9-5.

9 runs on 5 hits for UK with 14 walks and 4 HBP. Oddly, it was still a game we could have won. Five of UK’s six runs in the 7th scored with two outs.

Strange game!

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14 walks and 4 HBP ? Does our pitching staff lead the country in walks let alone team ERA?

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This is a good team we played and we were right there. Future is bright. ERA needs improving but will get there.

We are 281/295 for walks allowed per 9 innings

Didn’t Kentucky lead the NCAA in hit by pitch batters last year?

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Smiley had a quick talk with the home plate umpire about a Kentucky batter leaning into a two-out pitch that forced in a run. He apparently decided not to ask for review.

Kentucky baseball. Where drinking bourbon is required before every at bat for maximum lean-in and HBP potential. No pain when you’re that drunk

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There was one Kentucky fan seated right behind home plate whose sole purpose in life was to stand up and make very weird gestures every time a Miami pitcher prepared to throw a pitch. He left after they took the lead with their 6 run inning. The tactic apparently worked.

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