Baseball Announces Addition of 13 Student-Athletes - Miami University RedHawks


Wow. Hit the portal with a vengeance. Only one of the thirteen is an Ohio kid. Lots of JC mixed in. Must have been given a message we need to win fairly immediately.

Very solid group.

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I have never seen a roster before which does not include date of birth. Do they not want us to know how old these guys are? This is definitely different than any recruiting class we have had in the past. Most of the guys have previous college experience

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Maybe some of them are so old they’ve played in the California Penal league.


You won the thread!


Baseball has never included DOB. For this class or any other.

@richard I’m not sure where you get off trying to trash talk student athletes wearing the red and white.

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I’m not sure if Jive is being sarcastic, or he just completely missed the movie reference!


That’s a killer reference!


Never heard of it. Who’s Charlie Sheen?

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OK, Carlos Estevez

Remember: sarcasm is not just a hobby, but a way of life.

How many BB ships are permitted by the NCAA? How many does Miami give? It appears we have over 30 players on the roster- is this typical for a D 1 college BB team? What was the attrition rate from last year’s team? Bringing in 13 new players seems quite high. That said hope the BB team shows improvement this coming year- maybe at least one home game this coming year dedicated to the memory of Walter Alston and another to the Hitching Post in Dartown ( great new thread on the Post elsewhere on this site - glad I suggested -great memories of the bar and the bowling machine and hard boiled eggs!).

11.7 divided between maximum of 27 athletes is the scholarship rule for D1baseball.

Typical roster size is 36 per one source I saw.

From a quick scan of the current roster it appears we kept twelve position players and ten pitchers from last year’s squad. Yeah, they made room for the newcomers, but there is one less athlete than last year.

I think it is very unusual for someone to get a full scholarship for baseball. Many guys get partials, so there might be 2 or 3 guys splitting the money from one scholarship.