Baseball 2024 - New Beginnings

Fourteen new faces coming - seven are D1 transfers.

Certainly a different approach to the Steele way. Both can work

I think with baseball season ending after the school calendar year ends makes it hard. He had to bring in a lot of transfers this go around. I do hope we get a strong mix but more high school guys going forward now that he will be able to recruit


How many players are gone from last year’s roster-any roster ships left ? Total number of ships available at Miami for baseball?

D1 can have 11.7 scholarships divisible for up to 27 players. Most teams split scholarships.

Post-COVID, I think the 11.7 scholarships can now be split amongst 32 scholarship players. You’re also allowed 8 walk ons for a total roster limit of 40. Miami’s roster for the 2024 season lists 38 players.

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Kids these days sure have different first names than we did.