Barry Trotz fired by Islanders

If the Blue Jackets are smart, they take a look at seeing if this can happen

  1. How about we don’t fire a coach who over-performed in his first season as a head coach? Talk about giving yourself a reputation that would make it hard to hire

  2. How about we don’t fire the over-performing coach the players enjoy?

  3. How about we don’t make all the young players learn a new system after they just got comfortable with one?

  4. How about we don’t hire a coach who keeps getting fired for one bad season? That typically implies there’s more going on behind the scenes

  5. Trotz hockey is so boring. He had decent weapons in New York and made every game a grind. We aren’t built as a Torts team anymore. I don’t wanna see 6’3" but 167 lbs Kent Johnson grinding. I want to see him have offensive freedom to do what he’s good at. He sucks over time because players bodies just can’t keep up and they don’t enjoying playing for him.

So if they’re smart, they’ll forget trotz exists.

Yeah, Lars isn’t going anywhere nor should he. This isn’t an org that fires guys after one year anyway.

The Wings should go after him to be honest. They should be tired of being total failures and should think about maybe being relevant again with a few Ws here and there. Just a thought.

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I’m guessing Trotz wanted out.

With the Rangers’ defense completely breaking down, they should fire Gallant and hire Trotz today.

Forget Trotz, they need Torts.

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This is the only worse take than Trotz