Did you see where eyes have spent an estimated $$$13,000,000 so far this coming year on NIL on football. Knew there was a reason I was liking big time football less and less. That doesn’t include NIL to others sports. Those poor taken advantage of kids. This is not what college sports is supposed to be about. Just disgusting.


Ridiculous. I understand that the portal gives smaller schools a chance, but the rich just get richer in the end.

I think they were more taken advantage of when they generated millions and got none of it.


Of course they did; tuition, room, board, books, facility usage, tutor help, extra nutrition, clothing…


All of which, they still get. I find the notion that now that they’re actually getting some real money on top of the education (which let’s be honest, many of them are not there for) in exchange for what they create somehow makes them “taken advantage of” to be pretty damned backwards.

They were taken advantage of when they were the foundation for billions being generated towards coaching and athletic director salaries, 9 figure athletic department budgets and video game company profits and saw none of it.


I saw an OSU fan on Twitter say that SEC schools are mad because all schools can now compete with them for recruiting. I’m assuming they meant all P5 schools, cuz otherwise that’s pretty tone-deaf.

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And how much revenue do they generate? I’m not saying they need millions in NIL deals, but come on.

And at UC (and I assume many schools), all students have access to free tutoring and the rec center as well as the Bearcat Pantry which has free for and clothing for those in need. These are exclusive to student-athletes.

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If you’re upset with the students you’ve lost the plot. The adults are to blame for what we have.


Gross or net income? Because if you’re talking about the latter, only 18 departments are profitable as of 2020. And of those 18, it’s a select few football and basketball players who generate the majority of it. I’m not against NIL, but the sentiment that they are generating more than they’re bringing in just isn’t true for all but a handful.

So taking into account that only 18 programs are profitable, how is offering a tight end with limited pro prospects a 6-figure NIL deal like the one from Ohio U got sustainable?

Well, for most schools, athletes operate at negative for the schools m…

How is the “ graduation” rate going to look?

I’d say also “ NIL.”!

This is excluding teams who are profitable on their own, but the overall AD loses money because they need to subsidize the other sports. Like Tennessee is listed as a money-losing program there, but obviously UT football/basketball can run a profit.

I’ve got no problem with NIL. ESPN and Fox make BILLIONS off of young people, the vast majority of whom will never make a dime playing sports after college.

I don’t have a strong opinion on the NIL one way or another … but taking advantage of students is not a take I expected.

Reggie Bush lost everything over a signature and Arch Manning earns more $ than Brock Purdy. I would opine that this is hugely popular amongst the student athletes.

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Only the top 18 may believe they have enough to compete - everyone else is chasing desperately. Bottom 1/3 of FBS might have trouble without institutional support but most could still show a break-even without an unusual single expense or event (Covid). It just depends on the priorities of the sch (MU didn’t need wrestling, mens tennis or soccer). Did MU really need a barber shop in the FB bldg or another weight rm in Goggin with 2 others on campus plus the rec ctr next door. None impact ability to win but were done to get the best players. Now you get them via NIL / rev sharing. Many changes to ICA coming soon and student athlete IP is and will prob forever be monetized by them instead of solely by the sch.

I simply don’t understand how Miami can’t at least be competitive with NIL. MU has such a wealthy potential donor base. Why is it not being tapped into—is anyone knowledgeable about this? I don’t get it.

Maybe they don’t want to give money without some sort of plan/vision from the AD?

Miami has a wealthy donor base but my hunch is that many of them dont care about Miami sports.


Perhaps the potential donors think NIL is throwing money out the window.The actual college graduation rates ( the reason that college exists) on high NIL $ guys will likely be low but only time will tell.

Go and look at Red and White donations over the years……you’ll get your why question answered right there