At Western Michigan Thread

I watched some of the Lowell series, followed the Canisius through Live Stats as much as I could as well as with the Denver series. It seems we are trending in the right direction!

This weekends series will be another good test. I won’t be able to watch or listen, but I will keep an eye on the Live Stats as much as possible.


WMU with a 5-4 start this year. First game was a bad loss at Alaska Anchorage, but doing well otherwise until they also got swept last weekend in two close games against a strong Michigan team.

Off to a bad start

Yeah, I was at happy hour so not really watching closely, but again looked like too many penalties.

2-0 Western early in Period 2. Shots were 14- 7 in favor of Western. Our fast start momentum has not held up against NCHC competition. So far.

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It’s killing me that NCHC hockey is behind a separate pay wall. Would sure be nice to be able to watch as part of my ESPN3 package.

Power play goal from Cassetti! 2-1

Update: And then Western promptly gets one back off a failed clearing pass…

Update 2: And now 4-1 after they score 12 seconds into a 5 minute major on Rydquist.

Update 3: 5-1 after 2, still a minute and a half left on the major after intermission. :confounded:

Penalties, man. It’s hard to win games when you’re constantly a man down.


We’re getting killed on faceofffs, too 24-11.

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Daskas and Hallen = 2-17 on draws.

Gotta take a mean sob attitude to the circle to consistently win face offs.


6-1 now and guess what? Miami will be shorthanded for the eighth time.

Happy to have the excuse of leaving for dinner to not watch the rest of this trainwreck…


7-1. I’m ready for a fentanyl smoothie.

PIM: Miami 40, <–M 8.

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About ready to adopt the minor hockey scoreboard practice of not posting more than a six goal differential. Ouch!

Final. There are bad results and bad efforts, and this was an atrocious effort.

I can’t remember how many extra skaters teams carry on the road, but some otherwise good players need to sit tomorrow. Dress 16 or 17 if you have to like Rico did.

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Who’s Rico?

Admittedly, I’m not a big hockey fan, but I keep hoping they return to national relevance since neither football or basketball can achieve that. That said, it looks like this will take a while, if ever. Football is not great but shows flashes of promise. Hoops pretty much starting from scratch but also showing promise. What’s the purpose of even carrying hockey anymore? Are students still passionate about it?

Obvious that you’re not a hockey fan. And hockey is far and away the most popular varsity sport among students.

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I’ll never be a moderator on a Miami board, but if I was I swear to effing God I would banhammer every single RedHawks ‘fan’ that suggested folding any Miami sports program.


That’s why I asked if it was still popular. I don’t go to hockey games, which I thought was implied. Is there hope on the horizon with the new coach? Even though I’m not a hockey fan, I don’t like them habitually finishing at the bottom of the league.

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