Around the NFL - Week 4

Desmond Ridder…woof…

Anybody watch the “Disney Version” of the early game today? Very interesting but I couldn’t watch a whole game in that mode.

I thought it was creative. I watch a bit of the 2nd quarter using the Toy Story graphics. Frankly, they should use the old NFL Blitz video game graphics…that’d be awesome.

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Actually, this week caused me to stop watching the NFL for the rest of the season and makes me question the sport, based on KC/NYJ.

  1. KC Chiefs put up 17 easy points in the first quarter, then KC’s Top 3 NFL QB starts throwing interceptions (2 to the same guy), and only score 6 more points the entire game?
  2. KC gets the fumble at the Jets 48 with 7:24 left in the game, and don’t score?
  3. Mahomes has an easy TD with no one around him and he takes a slide with 1:54 left, sealing KC’s win by 3 but doesn’t cover the -7.5 spread?

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but these shenanigans made me realize that NFL is more WWE than an actual legit competition. I’m out.

Losing bet on that game? Sometimes it can be frustrating, but that is the nature of sports.

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LOL…I mean the Jets do have a pretty great defense. Shame on them for playing well.

I think it’s more of a crummy fan experience, like taking a dive in boxing. You want to see superior sports ability and real competition, instead of letting off the gas for the last 8th of the game. It’s like the 4 Corners offense in basketball, which brought about the shot clock bc it was so not fun to watch for the fans.

Luke Fickell used to do a cutesy-poo “Let’s not score in the 4th qtr, even if the ball is on the other team’s 2 yard line!” while he was at Cincinnati, even if the other team would get the ball back with 40 seconds left in the game. Just shitty for fans of the game to sit through, and not what most fans want to see.

My $.02

You got that right.
Also, look up certain NFL Refs. Records of 4th qtr calls impacting games outcome.Apparently the oddsmakers track this.

If the NFL is rigged, then Matt Ryan has to be the greatest company man in the history of all businesses.

Just as an update, weird penalties called during NFL games have really raised my eyebrows.

  1. Browns are bailed out in the last 2 minutes of the past 2 games, giving them the W in both situations. Penalties that were non-existent (unnecessary roughness call against the 49ers which gave CLE a fresh set of downs, pass interference on uncatchable ball in the end zone against IND). Once I can understand, but back-to-back games? Really?
  2. No holding calls against KC, even when the pass-rusher is essentially getting mugged?

I decided to stop placing wagers on the NFL this season after Week 4, when Mahomes pulled up short of the goal line in the game against the NY Jets and didn’t score to cover the spread. It was also bizarre that KC played lights out in the 1st qtr of that game and then Mahomes throws multiple picks, Jets get back in the game, just weird stuff. Just my $.02

That’s actually $.04 at this point.

The way the officiating is going this year, it’s gonna be FedEx Next Day Early AM Guaranteed!

I also think that Patrick Mahomes is betting on the Jets against himself.