Another Penn State scandal

Penn State’s former director of athletic medicine has sued the school, claiming he was fired because he refused to let James Franklin intervene in medical treatment and clearances for returning to play.

But that’s only the beginning. At trial, a different former Penn State doctor (who worked under the director of athletic medicine) testified that a player tried to commit suicide by jumping out a window. While the player was still in the psychiatric hospital, Franklin and Penn State’s then-AD demanded the doctor rule the player “medically disqualified,” which would allow Franklin to pull his scholarship (while the kid was still in the hospital!) and give it to someone else. Really horrible stuff.

FYI, the doctor won his trial today. The jury found Penn State Health (he’s technically an employee of the health system, not the university) illegally retaliated against him for complaining about James Franklin’s interference in treatment and return-to-play decisions.