Another Big Scandal at Michigan State

Maybe they can rid themselves of the idiotic contract they signed with him…

“Tracy visited Michigan State in August 2021 and April 2022 to speak to the football team about preventing sexual misconduct, and she was named an honorary captain at the team’s spring football game during that April visit. After the game, Tracy said Tucker called her multiple times, asked her repeatedly to meet him alone and “even suggested slipping into her hotel through a back door so no one would see him,” according to the USA Today report.”

Tucker - No brain. Unbelievable.

Zoom sex with a gang rape survivor/awareness advocate that your team hired is about as stupid as it gets. His little tug session(s) are probably gonna cost him $95 million since he can now be fired with cause.

MSU certainly doesn’t like having another scandal on their hands, but ridding themselves of an average coach with an albatross of a contract is nice from a pure competitive standpoint. I’d expect them to go after Sean Lewis if/when Tucker is fired.

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Conflicting updates within the past hour. Some say he has been fired. Others say he’s suspended with pay.

I suspect it’s the latter. No matter what, Tucker will be suing MSU since they won’t be paying the buyout, so making sure they handle everything exactly by the book will save them millions later.


1999 Defensive backs coach at…which ……University ?

Yeah. A Wisconsin alum who spent a single year on Miami’s coaching staff as a position coach. Not exactly in the discussion for Cradle of Coaches bronze.

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Probably the only thing that could get a potential UAW strike off the front page of the Free Press today.

If jerking off on the phone to a rape survivor that your own program hired to speak to the team about sexual assault is wrong, well then…