All Time Miami Team-Minus Wally, Ron, Devin

A little time-waster this morning as we wait on Miami to annihilate OU. I was thinking, who would be my Miami all-time starting five, minus Wally, Ron, and Devin as those are givens. I am only including players I actually saw play, so from the 1980s to the present. So here are my 5, feel free to comment then give me your 5:

G --Chet Mason
G --Damon Frierson
SF-- Mike Bramos
Post-- Tim Pollitz
Post --Julian Mavunga


No arguments. I never saw him play, but Wayne Embry should perhaps be at least the 6th man.

I just edited it to clarify I am only including those I saw play, so from the 1980s to the present. If I went back further it would be hard to exclude Embry and Archie Aldrige.

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I’d swap Chet Mason for Kenny Hayes, but that’s close to a toss up. Completely agree with the other 4.

Like the list - give me Ira Newble at power forward.


Wayne Embry
Fred Foster
Archie Aldridge
Walt Williams
Phil Lumpkin


Bramos was our last All American.

Good list. If you went back all the way, Embry would definitely be on the starting team. His rebound stats were incredible not to mention his scoring.

Yeah, you’d have to figure Embry would be in the all time starting five along with Harper and Wally and Devin. That said, deciding on the fifth person in that all-time starting five would be quite a chore.

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Exactly. Let’s hope someone on the current or near future roster makes the 5th player a no-brainer!

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I’d take Mekhi over Chet TBH.


Good list…although I’d might put Alex Shorts or Danny Horace in for Mavunga.

Grumpy, I like your list.

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You gotta put David Scott on the starter list. The Will Rogers of Miami basketball: He never met a shot he didn’t like!

Only time I’d ever seen a guy come off the bench and lead the team in scoring. He should be in Miami’s top 10 in scoring history.

What about Mike Wren?


In 1974 the Portland Trailblazers selected Bill Walton with the first pick in the NBA draft.
In the second round, Portland selected Phil Lumpkin of Miami University. Lumpkin had all the tools, with a real long range shot even though there was no 3 point shot at that time.
Unfortunately he blew out his knee several years in and his NBA career was cut short.
Eventually, he became one of the most storied high school coaches in Seattle and the state of Washington.

Lumpkin was probably the best Miami point guard I ever saw.


My favorite Miami player.

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Again I limited my selection to players I actually saw but Embry Aldridge Lumpkin all great choices from days gone by. Besides the five I chose I also considered Eric Newsome, Landon Hackim and Danny Horace.


Archie was a beast. All 6-4 (barely) of him. Listed at 6-5 or 6-6.

And yea, that’s Jerry Lucas next to him. Photo from three years ago.


Landon was so correct.