All Meathead Radio First Team

Matt Salopek has been named a First Team LB on the SiriusXM Channel 84 All Meathead Team.

“SiriusXM Channel 84 All Meathead Team”.

Can I make up my own rewards too? All nominees get a canned ham and a bag of peanuts.


Is this a team picked by Rob Reiner?


The All Meathead team is a creation of hosts Bobby Carpenter and Jacob Hester on College Sports Radio’s late afternoon Off Campus program. The motto for the team is “Too gritty to be pretty”.

The primary criteria for making it is a special toughness that amplifies skill.

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Any recognition on a national platform is great, but Bobby Carpenter is near the bottom of credible football analysts.

He’s got a nationally syndicated show with Hester. Better not tell his daddy that you think he’s near the bottom of the barrel.

If he wasn’t a Buckeye alum, he probably wouldn’t have the job he has now.

You do know who his dad is right?

Duh. Everyone does. He was the son on All In The Family. Now he has his own show.


Not quite.and that was a serious question to MZ343.

His dad is Richard Carpenter of The Carpenters.

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OK. I’m pretty sure a few folks on here - maybe not MZ343 - know the disparaged Bobby Carpenter’s dad is Miami HOF RB Rob Carpenter.

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We’ve only just begun!

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And his mom is (was?) Karen Carpenter!

I knew and I still have the same opinion. The same thing was probably true of Herbstreit but he’s actually excellent at what he does and worth the time.