I’m sure it will be announced in the next few days, but who are we thinking gets all league.

On offense the only lock I would say is Gage. 2nd in the mac in receiving yards and only played 8 games.

Brett should still probably get second or third team, but hard to know how the injury will be viewed.

Amos maybe third team? There are some good running backs in the mac this year.

O-line play isn’t something I’m qualified to evaluate, but I imagine we’ll get a couple.

Defense I’d say the locks are Woullard, Ugwu, Salopek, Wise and Mckee. Strader deserves it, but I’m not sure since he’s a freshmen. Ertl maybe. Dowell maybe.

Graham obviously. Bevelheimer. Cade for punt returns possbly.

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Nice to have a long list of prospects.

I would be surprised if Chuck isn’t coach of the year. He deserves it IMO.


Basically any special teams player should be 1st team all-MAC.