All-MAC Teams!

Graham Nicholson MAC Special Team Player of the Year!

Matt Salopek MAC Defensive Player of the Year!

Miami RedHawks on 2023 All-MAC teams:

PK Graham Nicholson (1st team)
DL Caiden Woullard (1st team)
LB Matt Salopek (1st team)
OL Will Jados (2nd team)
OL Reid Holskey (2nd team)
DL Brian Ugwu (2nd team)
LB Ty Wise (2nd team)
DB Yahsyn McKee (2nd team)
P Alec Bevelhimer (2nd team)
KR Cade Mcdonald (2nd team)
QB Brett Gabbert (3rd team)
RB Rashad Amos (3rd team)

Salopek finished the season with 125 total tackles, 7.5 TFL, 3 sacks and an INT. Graham Nicholson finished regular season 23/23 on FG tries.


And kudos to the season Brett Gabbert had that he still was made 3rd Team All MAC despite missing the last several games. Personally I think he deserved 2nd Team All MAC but still quite a testament to the outstanding season he was having.

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Congrats to all, great to see Miami well represented. Gage got snubbed.

Did he? If it was purely based on skill/potential definitely, but with not playing a lot due to injuries, I think it’s reasonable that he didn’t make it.

36 for 625 and 6 TDs in 8 games
18 for 187 and 2 TDs in 4 MAC games

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Wow…that’s impressive, great for the program. Gage part head scratcher…games missed did not hurt Gabbert, but he also has a buch of history/time looged in MAC.

I don’t know enough about these Akron WRs…but seems Gage should have taken one of their spots?

Gage snub is perplexing. I guess the argument is he only played in four MAC games, but he was still second in the league in receiving yards and led the league in yards per game. Not to mention it’s four receivers per team. Is he really not one of the twelve best receivers in the MAC?

Strader is the only other one I’d categorize as a snub. Second in the league in pass breakups. Freshmen though.

Ertl doesn’t have the stats but man he’s important to this team.


I think the actual truth is that Gage got injured against our FCS opponent and never returned full speed. He went from the fastest guy in the MAC to just a fast guy, and then he only got to play half the MAC games. His accomplishments in MAC games only was not all league caliber. Gabbert benefits from the UC win and his long history. People know how good he can be.


This is probably right, especially give that I believe MAC coaches vote on all league, so the coaches in the MAC never really saw him at his best.

That said, I’m still considering it a snub.

Strader might be in the running for Defensive Freshman of the year.

Gage’s injury was such a shame. He was making such a splash early he may have had a chance for OPOTY (if Brett wasn’t injured).


Toledo with 14 All MAC guys and a bunch tied with like 3… jeez.