Akron at Miami

Zips are off to a great start, 10-2 ( 1-0).

Zips win. Hmm, once again, we’ve lost twice as many as we’ve won.

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In the game for about 35 minutes. Then the usual poor shot selection, turnovers and foul trouble does us in.

And that is not likely to change until we see a change from the top.


Akron’s Layne Ferrell came from Franklin High School, Miami’s backyard, and was not recruited by Miami. She’s 6’2”, a smart basketball player, a leader in scoring, rebounding and assists. A terrific addition for Akron.

Miami led a very good Akron team much of the game, but once again turnovers and fouls led to Akron’s starters being on the court playing against Miami’s weak bench. Here are the stats. Akron’s starters played all but 20 minutes in the game, while Miami’s bench played a staggering 64 minutes. Once again, that is why we lose. The girls play defense with their hands, not with their feet. Akron’s girls were just so fundamentally solid they were always in the right position. We committed 26 fouls, they only had 10. We also had 17 turnovers to their 13.

The girls who turn the ball over the most are Wolf, Freeman, and Watkins. I do want to praise Peyton Scott on her huge improvement in ballhandling and assist to turnover ratio. She turned it over way too much in the past, now she is right at the top of the MAC in a/to ratio. Now she needs to work on playing defense with her feet, not her hands. Way too many careless fouls caused by being in the wrong position. She has got to stay on the floor. Same could be said about Maddie Cluse.

Decent coaching should be able to fix hands vs feet D.

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Hasn’t yet.

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Doesn’t know.

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