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If you’re a doctor and looking for a job, the Miami Dolphins are about to have a ton of job openings.

Scary situation. Glad to hear he has movement in his arms and legs. Not a great look for the NFL

not directed at anyone here…but personally, i think the real story is what happened in the bills game and resulted since then. he was pushed backwards and he whipsawed the back of his head on the turf…that is a guaranteed concussion 90%+ of the time…he gets up, shakes his head…walks a couple yards and falls down…teammate has to hold him up until the trainer reaches him

then the dolphins allow him to come back in later finish the game?!?!

i think the outrage should have begun when he was kept as starter for the bengals game, not necessarily when the second injury occurred thursday nite.

beef is definitely with the team and tua himself…this is destructive behavior


I think that’s exactly why people are upset. He had no business going back into that game. He claimed the stumble was from a back injury the play before. Maybe, but when there’s so much scrutiny on the NFL for not taking head injuries seriously how do you put him back in? You have someone who’s finally looking like a franchise quarterback and you’re derailing their career (not that quarterbacks should be cared for differently than anyone else).

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Maybe I’ve got the process wrong but I thought in the NFL concussions were evaluated by an independent physician - in other words, not the team physician. My recollection was that this was to avoid the team pressuring their team doc to clear someone who shouldn’t be cleared. If I’m wrong about that and it was indeed the team doc who cleared Tua, then nevermind my entire point, lol.

The whole thing is just bizarre. Seeing the injury last week I could not imagine how it was NOT a concussion. But I listened to multiple sports talk shows and podcasts who interviewed different physicians who defended the medical decision and said that yes, a back injury can manifest similar symptoms to a concussion.

One of the strangest chains of events I have witnessed.

The NFL procedure is set up so they get the opinion of an independent physician, but the final say goes to the team doctor. So if the independent physician says no, but the team doctor says yes, the answer is yes. I also agree certain nerve injuries to the back can cause similar symptoms.

That said, the independent physician did clear him. I’ve gone through those concussion tests though and they’re a joke. You can talk your way through them pretty easily.

My understanding on those back injuries is they are able to be seen on scans. Did they get a scan to look for never compression? Usually you want to find that point so you can inject the area with a steroid to reduce the inflammation and try to reduce the pressure.

There are a lot of what abouts and did theys in this, but the early optics make it appear like the fins didn’t take a heads injury seriously and now Tua may never be the same.

When in doubt, sit them out. Seven days with no symptoms before returning to play.

Basic protocols for youth sports, but with millions on the line in the NFL, safety is ignored.

In other news, the sun rose in the East this morning.

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So they fired the independent Physician.

You mean paid him to go away, likely?