A Missed Holding Call And A Dumb Penalty...It's Over

But what a season for the Bengals. Boyd’s injury hurt.


Kelce showed all the class of the Bearcats we know so well in his post game interview.

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What a crappy ending to the game. Refs sucked but how can you push Mahomes going out of bounds??? You know those officials are gonna call it no matter how innocuous it was…


Do Bengals fans ever graciously accept a loss? Yeah, the officiating was sub-par, but despite that, the game was headed to OT if not for a dumb decision by Ossai. The officials couldn’t ignore that.


And Cincinnati mayor showed ton of class leading up to game

Every fan base has a segment of fans like this. I don’t see any MHT Bengals fans complaining about the officials here, despite neutral fans all over saying the officiating was a travesty. The final play by Ossai was called a penalty all season and I feel terrible for the kid.

Cincinnati’s mayor deserves whatever criticism comes his way.


Tough way to end the season. Awful punt coverage then a bad penalty. Been a Bengal fan since 1974. Hope to live to see them win a Super Bowl.

Still a great season after starting 0-2.

Can’t blame refs. Bengals had the ball twice after making it 20-20.

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I heard some discussion on whether the win over the Bills was the most impressive win in franchise history. The last 3 months were a blast. Only 5 losses, 4 of them on last second field goals.

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He’s an OSU Buckeye from Xenia.

A true Bengals fan doesn’t complain about bad anything. It is our lot. Until we hold the Lombardi trophy, it’s all par for the course. At least the game was interesting. Unlike the Eagles/Niners.

If you had told me beforehand that the game would be tied with 2:36 remaining and the Bengals would have the ball, I would have taken it in a heart beat! A disappointing loss for sure, but they had it in front of them and couldn’t close the deal. Burrow had a sub-par game and, IMO, held onto the ball a bit too long (especially on that last sack). That said, he also had some great throws (Chase, Higgins TD, Hurst after the intentional grounding call). Like many on social media, I thought the officiating sucked, but it wasn’t the deciding factor. I feel bad for Joseph Ossai…he had a great game, but made an all-time bonehead play. I think the game would have gone to OT if he doesn’t commit that penalty (and it was an obvious penalty).

As others have said, coming up just short is a Bengals fan’s lot in life! Nonetheless, I’m cautiously optimistic for the future…if only because Mike Brown has taken a backseat to his daughter with regards to personnel moves. He’s a f@#king idiot and a charter member of the “Lucky Sperm Club”! Now let’s sign Joe Cool to a 10±year contract and gear up for next season!!

The horrible officials missed an obvious block in the back on that last punt!! Still…let Mahomes run out of bounds unscathed, and it’s not an issue. BTW, why on earth did the Bengals waive Huber? Dru Chrisman sucks!! I think they should look at Kai Kroger from South Carolina late in the draft. He’s a kid from my town who’s a phenomenal punter!

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Only six more Lombardis to catch the Steelers.