A little bit about our forum software

MiamiHawkTalk.fans uses Discourse (https://www.discourse.org/), which has recently become the go-to for professional forums. It should have most of what everyone is familiar with. We’re self-hosting, so we aren’t paying $100/month.

For transparency, running the site will cost ~$5-20/month, plus the yearly domain renewal. That’s manageable and we should be able to run this without the need to have any “premium” status or donations.

If you have any questions regarding how to do something, or just suggestions, let me know. I’ll get top men on it.



You can also embed videos by posting the URL on its own line

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Is there a way to set “latest” as the default start screen rather than “categories”?

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I’m undecided on going with the phpBB style of categories, or doing what we had on vanilla forums with it just being latest topic. Short term fix would be to head to MiamiHawkTalk by default while I get some more feedback.

Testing the video posting feature.

Edit: Yeppers, it works as advertised.

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Aside from adding more reactions, I also added a spoiler plugin because it seemed easy enough

Click text hidden behind a spoiler tag to reveal it.

Is there a way to show time of last post on the front page that lists the discussion? Like in our previous where it says last post by XXX at 3:02pm?

Good question. I’ll look into it.

You had me at dark mode.

The forum software just gave me a badge for being basic. I like this already.


Excited for the game tomorrow. I think this can live load comments and do some other things that will be nice for a game day thread.

Jive…like it. Hey put the Miami Fight song on a loop. Great background music when we’re on the site!

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Thanks! Also, great test choice by @profholt82

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Oh yea…Beat the Bobbies!

It was only logical, Captain.

If anyone gets bored, a large list of available plugins can be found at the site linked below.