9 RedHawks Make All Conference Teams!

Well done!
1st team-Sorenson, Pace, Butler
2nd team-Weatherford, Phelps, Salopek
3rd team-Gabbert, Hippenhammer, Robinson


Congrats to all. It’s obviously not the talent holding us back.


Good news is that it is mostly underclassmen

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Congrats to all. hope Seniors get a bowl game.


The coaches moved Salopek to linebacker after McWood got hurt. The coaches find a way to get Sorensen the ball even when everyone knows he’s going to get the ball. The coaches moved Robinson to the defensive line. The coaches decided to rush our 4 best defensive linemen on 3rd down to put pressure on the QB. Let’s give the coaches some credit. Just like with anything else in the world, it’s not 1 extreme or the other. Is coaching the entire problem, no. Is it part of the problem, yes. Are the players the entire problem, no. Are they part of it, yes. Is the athletic department the entire problem, no. Is it part of the problem, yes.


Well said… I think the coaches get a lot of heat due to in-game decisions, and in particular play calling and timeout management. They are by no means the only reason we perform the way we do.

Congrats to all the players!!


They may be underclassmen but 6 of the 9 are gone.

WOW. Miami has become a “feeder school” for high performers to move to the P5…