4th All Time in Passing Yards

In 33 games played.


He has the option to come back next year, right?

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Just for comparison, through 33 games:

Roethlisberger: 9110

Dysert: 8530

Gabbert: 6688

Betts 6493 yards


The real question is: What were the records of those teams during those 33 game stretches?

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No idea. But surely you aren’t suggesting the QB is solely responsible for the team record, especially in college when the QB has little freedom to call their own plays?

Without knowing the exact records, I’m fairly confident win percentage rankings are:

  1. Roethlisberger
  2. Betts
  3. Gabbert
  4. Dysert
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Dysert was 19-31.
Betts 15-9 for the 2 years he was the primary QB (post Ben)
Gabbert 24-21 (total record in his time. Obviously he was out some of these games)

See my comment above though as my caveat. But I did want to try to answer your question as best I could.

Granted, it wasn’t his fault but it is bizarre that our all-time leading passer finished his career 12 games under .500.