3rd Assistant Coach

According to the Miami athletic website, the Women’s Basketball team has only two Assistant Coaches:

Is this by choice or has the site not been updated with a 3rd Assistant?

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They’re just afraid to announce that I’m the third assistant. You can credit the Xavier win to me.


They have not hired a new third assistant. When the previous coach left it was late and most job seekers had already landed spots. A couple prospects were interviewed but none of them were deemed a fit.

Rats, I should have returned that call. I just thought it was the alumni people asking for money.

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Probably a mistake not to get a least someone, temporary for this year. Pretty young team and several players who need development time. Down an assistant changes practice time and contact immensely.

Dick is available! He is a former high school girls BB coach.

Dick is going to Nevada for a month. The coach that we lost worked primarily with the big girls, and we have a whole group of inexperienced bigs who could use a coach dedicated to their development. I guess they will address that next year. Our color commenter on the ESPN telecasts used to do that job for some good Miami teams. Maybe she might be available on a temporary basis.

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