2026 PG Louis O'Keefe (Miami Offer)

Louis O’Keefe is a 6-3 PG is from Nashville (The Ensworth School) who plays on the 3SSB Circuit for the Arkansas Hawks



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Is that the first ‘26 offer?

This is the 1st offer for the class of ‘26 I’ve seen

I believe we offered Anthony Thompson from Lebanon H.S. quite a while ago.

Verbal Commits is showing that he has been offered by Miami.


Not true. I’m the first offer of this class. I still have a little bit of eligibility and the team was looking to fool the opposition by offering an old fat guy a spot on the roster. Bold move, Miami. I might take it. But, bunions…Also, I have a black belt in profanity. Is this a good MU brand image. I don’t know. But it’s true.

Correct. Ant Thompson was offered. He is likely a top-75 player

He was just named to a 3SSB all star team and is leaving Lebanon HS for Western Reserve