2025 2G Josh Henderson (Miami Offer)

Josh Henderson is a 6-5 2G from Westerville HS


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BGSUcks offer

No such thing as Westerville HS. Looks like he plays for Westerville Central. Same school as Josh Harris’ kids. Josh was one of my classmates at another Westerville HS, Westerville North, where he ultimately graduated from, leading to quarterbacking at BG under Urban Meyer and ultimately culminating in being drafted by the Ravens in 2004.

The final Westerville HS is Westerville South where Kijana Carter, Andy Katzenmoyer and Lance Moore, amongst others, all played.

I’m now in Gahanna where DonnyMac (former Miami o-lineman Donovan White) is the offensive line coach. Gahanna is probably consistently one of the best central Ohio HS’s now in football. Had around ten guys go D1 last year and that trend will continue.

Maybe my 11 year old will be there one day. Prognosticated to be 6’6” or above and is very athletic for his size. Plays lacrosse as well as left tackle. He’s definitely going to be highly encouraged to go to his pops’ alma mater if he gets there. Love and Honor!


Like four threadjacks in one.