2024 Trent Noah (Miami offer)


Kid has a great stroke…squares up nicely. Hope Miami can land him in the '24 class. He looks like a real star in the making.


Unofficial visit to Furman.

Noah having a huge spring for Midwest Basketball playing on the 3SSB circuit

Seton Hall, Marshall and Belmont recently offered

Went 12-12 from 3 in one game

Game taking off since leaving the Daily Show.


Hopefully, Trent’s ratings remain better than Trevor’s previous ratings!


George Mason offer

VCU offer

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And just like that “poof” - gone.

But Miami’s campus also has nice trees…

Thankfully, they don’t dance!

I don’t think an offer coming from Stanford is guaranteeing someone from Harlan, KY is ready to move there. Stanford has offered a few players we have. They don’t have spots for all of them anyway.

If anything, it shows how much we’re pushing for top talent. I heard someone mention that Miami’s previous teams have had too many players where Miami was the only place recruiting them. That person said something along the lines of, “if you’re the only person in the room, you better make sure you know something nobody else does.” We should be getting into recruiting battles. Football has won some battles against P5 programs. Now it’s basketball’s turn!


Even if I was from Rabbit Hash, Kentucky I’d give Stanford a chance to say yes. But I’m glad we’re recruiting against high majors. It shows we’re serious.

You had me at Rabbit Hash.

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It’s actually in Boone County - across from Cincinnati. Its about two and a half hours from Gravel Switch, which is southwest of Harrodsburg.


Oh I’m familiar. Believe me, I have a soft spot for the hillbilly underbelly in and around Ohio. I absolutely adore it.

crossing the streams, we need to get Box and staff to recruit at Big Bone Lick


I see what you did there

Butler offer.