2024 Football OOC Schedule

Anyone know why Miami has yet to acknowledge a 09/21/24 game at Notre Dame that FBSFutureSchedules has had on their list for three years?

Here’s what Miami shows on our official site:

Aug. 31: at Northwestern
Sept. 14: vs. Cincinnati
Sept. 28: vs. UMass

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AND…to add to the deft talents of whomever is supposed to put this on the Miami FB page…in 2025, Future College FB schedules show that Miami is playing something called Lindenwood…I think that’s something I’m allergic to.

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Yep, the pollen from Lindenwood is especially bad this year.

Guessing it’s just a low priority for the SID to update. The contract is posted to Miami’s site, so not a secret that we’re playing

Lindenwood is a school in Suburban St. Louis (St. Charles) that’s gone from NAIA to DII to FCS in like a decade, they went 7-3 in their provisional 2022 season.

This coming season will be the last at the current Ryan Field for Northwestern, it’s not confirmed where they’ll play while it’s demolished and rebuilt but I would be surprised if our game isn’t at Soldier Field in 2024. The Wildcats have played a few games at Wrigley, but very unlikely the Cubs would allow them to play a whole season there when there’s a bit of overlap with baseball.

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Interesting. Bet you’re right about Soldier Field.

True…but it does seem odd. Whomever does the updates added Delaware State for this season and the Western Kentucky series for a couple of out years but hasn’t been able to find time to add next year’s marquee game with Notre Dame.

No chance Chuck saw the rest of the non-conference, realized there is no FCS team and is trying to get out of this right? :joy:

At least Sam Hartman will be gone. Wouldn’t want to face that dude!

Miami Hockey got smoked at soldier field back in the day. Twice as I recall. The fans were frozen.

My daughter was invited to Missouri Girls State Leadership Conference after her junior year of high school a year ago. It was at Lindenwood University. I had never seen or stepped foot on the campus prior to that. It is actually a very nice campus in St. Charles, MO, a western suburb of St. Louis. They have poured a lot of money into the campus and athletics. Here is a link to their football page. It should be a nice MAC tune up game like Delaware State this year. Football - Lindenwood University Athletics


Lindenwood went D1 in Men’s ice hockey in 2022. I think they’re the host school for the Ncaa Frozen Four in St Louis coming up in a year or two.

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Fortunately for us it’s HBCU Delaware State this year. The Delaware Blue Hens of the CAA is one of those FCS teams you schedule at your own risk.

I believe that was against Notre Dame if I recall correctly. I was in the pep band a year or two later when we played there and won against WMU, the start was delayed because it was too sunny for the ice.

At this point I will be very surprised if Northwestern has the money for their new stadium by 2024, pretty good chance Miami plays at Ryan Field-if there is even still a Northwestern football team.

I don’t know about money being an issue, but I did read they are having a hard time getting some zoning issues approved and are being asked for a “community benefits package” by the neighborhood