2024 Cincinnati Reds

Maybe Fraley’s poor Sept/Oct had less to do with him playing through an injured toe and more because of this:


Ugh. Horrible.

Hope she makes a full recovery and has a great life.

A great off-season for the Reds. Still have a lot of pieces available for a trade.

Will be an interesting month before pitchers and catchers

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Thankfully Cincinnati has one of the best children’s hospitals in the country.


Amazon jumping further into sports broadcasing by investing in Diamond Sports.

Linked article says that in addition to maintaining the traditional cable broadcasts that game would be made available via Prime Video, pricing and avaialbility TBD.
Could be the first step towards streaming only and out of market availability.

Amazon to invest in Diamond Sports as part of bankruptcy deal - ESPN

I think it’s imperative that the MLB blackouts go away, opening up additional revenue from out of market fans. As you wrote, this does appear to be a step in that direction.

Great news! Jake Fraley’s wife posted on Instagram that their daughter’s leukemia has gone into remission. Still more treatment/chemo remains.


Promising updates on Elly’s progress over the winter.