2024 Alex Bruskotter

Shelby HS. Plays with Luke Skaljak on Ohio Buckets AAU team.


Has some solid offers: Ohio, Toledo, Akron, Illinois State, Wright State. We seem to be recruiting against Pedon a lot.

The fact we are recruiting against Pedon a lot should surprise no one. It is to be expected. Good young coach, is recruiting “Miami” type players.

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Belmont offer.


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Nick what are you thoughts on Miami apparently not making his final cut? Thanks.

Did he ever visit? I found a tweet in January that thanked Steele and Summers for coming to his practice. Regardless, this kid seems like a real impact player.

Seems like the kind of player Steele has talked about wanting to land. Realizing of course we can’t land them all.

not sure. Miami has a lot of offers out. No doubt Bruskotter is good. The question always is what it the #1 priority for Miami right now?


Don’t ask me. As I am often told on here and other places, I don’t ever know what I am talking about!

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Shame we lost a player to Wright State. Obviously I don’t know all the details and particulars, but I would hope we could outrecruit WSU. Unless we stopped recruiting him for some reason. I don’t know. Then I would ask why we stopped.

If we stopped recruiting him it’s because the staff has targeted other players as higher priority for the class of 2024.

That could very well be the case. As I said, I have no knowledge of the particulars.

read somewhere his father played baseball at Wright St so that may have played a part too