2024-25 Hockey Schedule

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19 home dates at Steve “Coach” Cady Arena, the most since 2006-07

Also, only one of these series is when all students will be out of town (mid-January against Omaha). Although the Alaska Anchorage series does overlap with Fall Break.

Pretty good schedule IMO. OOC is a bit weak, but not a bad thing considering recent results and having a new coach.



The biggest question is will Arizona State make it to Oxford? According to their schedule, they’re going to “Miami, OH” to play us lol



Yeah the OOC teams are not exactly the cream of the crop :joy: idk I feel like non conference isn’t where we’ve struggled, we’ve done great in October (4-1-1 the last two years) and have upset ranked teams. Even if we beat all these teams it probably won’t help our pairwise much. And I’m afraid that once NCHC play starts it’s going to hit the team like a truck.

But maybe under a new regime some easing in is a good thing

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Also noticing that all the non conference games are at the beginning of the season then it’s NCHC the rest of the way out. Probably to get some of those j-term/thanksgiving break games out which I like but I’m a little worried we won’t have a “get right again” series when we need one. I’m just imagining now how long a losing streak could get when it’s unrelenting conference play for months

Could end up in Miamisburg after flying into DAY…or at Miamitown out of CVG.

HAHHA which one of y’all bullied them into changing it



Rather have Noreen get his first crack at an OOC schedule like this than Bergeron go 7-3 against it, win five or six conference games while still finishing dead last, but get renewed because he’s “trending up”

Bergeron never won 6 conference games his entire time here. He last won 5 conference games in 2021. Embarrassing as it sounds, five or six wins would genuinely be a significant improvement.