2023 NCAA Hockey Tournament

Thought I’d start a thread for those who follow college hockey in general. Three of the four games today are in the bag. Not a good day for the NCHC. St. Cloud had a solid win against Minnesota State. Western went down to BU 5-1 and were completely outclassed. In the shocker, Denver just went down to Cornell 2-0, and the game wasn’t as close as the score. Denver’s goalie stood on his head and kept them in this.

SCSU is the NCHC’s last hope, and they’re in the regional with a Minnesota team that’s as loaded with NHL talent as any I’ve seen in the last ten years. Good luck to SCSU on Saturday…anything can happen in single elimination.


Don’t go selling Canisius short!

Their pairwise is roughly equal to Miami’s. I won’t sell them short, but I sure as hell won’t bet on them.


Ok NOW you can talk about Minnesota. 9-2 win over the Griffins

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Monitoring Merrimack and Quinnipiac (Yellow, swidt). Uniforms are so similar I’m surprised they didn’t make one team wear white t-shirts like we had to do in kids soccer.

Big Ten is looking scary dominant right now. The Minnesota score wasn’t too unexpected. What wasn’t expected was OSU running a Harvard team with the most NHL draft picks in college hockey out of the arena today and then PSU coming out and hanging 8 goals on Tech’s Hobey finalist goalie. If the PSU game ends up as is, that’s three wins by a combined score of 25-3. Michigan is still to come in the nightcap, but it would be a huge upset if they don’t handle a Colgate team that’s only there because they won the conference tourney.

And Michigan wins 11-1

Good Lord! What are the Big10 teams eating?

Their opponents.

I just came here to see if anyone was talking about trying to join the Big 10. :grin:


Well, doing my “Captain Obvious” commentary here, but the formation of the B10 hockey league was the catalyst for our decline in hockey…loss of rivalries, being forced to find a new conference, etc. I initially took solace in that B10 hockey struggled in the early stages of their conference formation, but now they are unfortunately excelling while we drop to the bottom.

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A steady stream of OSU, Michigan, Notre Dame and Minnesota passing through Goggin would certainly solve the attendance and student interest issues. Of course, unless we could right the ship quickly, it would unfortunately mean giving back the all-time series lead to OSU.

No truer words were ever said. The creation of Big 10 hockey was the end of Miami hockey’s relevance


Shouldn’t have beaten their asses for that 15 year period there. Other than Michigan, Miami owned them. And they let in Notre Dame because they were tired of playing the same 5 other teams. DUH?

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St. Cloud went down swinging. This was 2-1 going into the third. We talk about NHL draft picks, but Minnesota doesn’t just have draft picks. They have high first round picks, Kniese and Cooley could arguably be on an NHL team this year. SCSU held their own tonight.

Do you remember the Michigan teams last year and the year before? They had 5 of the top 6 picks on their teams

True, but they’re Michigan. They always do less with more. This Minnesota team seems like a team of destiny, which is why I’m giving St. Cloud credit for taking the game well into the third.


[quote=“Redsea, post:12, topic:2388, full:true”]
No truer words were ever said. The creation of Big 10 hockey was the end of Miami hockey’s relevance
[/quote] the Big 10 (14?) has a tv network that shares profits that supports their athletics programs. And huge schools with huge stadiums that sell a ton of tickets.gear,etc.It’s about the money since the formation of super college leagues. Big 10 hockey has been riding the wave of $$ fairly recently. Miami can be as relevant as the athletic
Administration can succeed in their management of,the program.

One has to wonder in the era of NIL and their billion dollar media deal if they start to separate from the rest of college hockey. It’s already happened on the women’s side where Minnesota, Wisconsin and OSU are miles ahead of the rest of the programs.

They can’t just play 100%within their league?

Oh how I hate the B10 in hockey!