2023 MHT Fantasy Football Is Back

Back for the 22nd consecutive season. Once again, the $2,500 entry fee has been waived.

No draft date set yet. We have one (perhaps two) openings for this season. Send a pm if you are interested in playing.

Shown below are last year’s standings and the League standings since 2008.

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A Heads-up…

One final slot available for upcoming season.

I can try to repeat my 2016 Cinderella run if you need.

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Please do! Just pm your email.

I tried to erase that year from my memory! You rode a 6th-place regular season finish to the League Championship! And beat me in the semis.

The live draft is next week. C’mon…Somebody draft this guy!!!

Did the draft end up happening?

Yes. As scheduled.

huh, is Average Joes in the league? I didn’t get an email, and dont see the team on Yahoo…

I do see you in the League. You have made two moves as well.

Here is a portion of your roster:

Is Justin Kubat the owner of any teams? Could have sworn Average Joes was mine

I’m sorry, Crazy Uncle Joes