2023 HawkTalk ESPN Bracket Challenge

99.6%. Seems a bit high but my liver and I will take it.

Go Houston!

I guess that means no Stanley Cups for CBJ :slight_smile:

And THAT is why I generally don’t make my bracket picks public. Last place, here I come. What a crazy tournament.

Sorry, but I think I’ve got you beat for last place. You and I both have Texas advancing so you’ll remain 10 points ahead of me no matter what happens. I obviously picked the wrong upsets! That and I suck at picking college basketball!!

The P5 football conferences were given 29 out of 36 at large bids. Those conferences have just three teams in the Elite 8.

The P5 football conferences were given 11 out of 21 at large bids to the NIT. Just one team from those conferences has made it to the semifinals (despite most of them getting to play on their home court).


Arguably my worst bracket ever, dating back to the year Villanova won it all with Rolli Massimino anyway. Yet, somehow, I’m still alive to win it all. Go Longhorns!

Summing up my remaining teams in one post

FAU went 31-3 in a top 10 conference. They were 13 in the NET rankings. Kenpom had them as better than Kansas St.

This is arguably not even a Cinderella run for FAU. The committee just perpetually underseeds teams from outside major conferences.


Basketball is the one sport they could actually break the mold and stop ranking with bias. It’s not a scam the way football is. Yet it’s still cooked!!! Gross! I hope FAU wins it all.

Pffffttttt! Outside major conference teams should be no where near playing in the NCAA Tournament. What’s next? Smaller schools putting more resources into basketball to give their programs and schools an opportunity to be on the national scene and one of 4 remaining division 1 schools still playing? Stop posting this witchcraft and heresy on here. Nobody watches the NCAA Tournament.

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Well, that was fun. I love me a controversial ending when I don’t care who wins.

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Here’s a crazy stat. San Diego State’s career leader in assists is Tony Gwynn. Yes, that one. He had 590 assists in four years on the basketball team.

590 assists in four years of college basketball is 156 more strikeouts than he had in 20 years of Major League Baseball—only 434.


Well, thats it, fellas. Everyone is out. Hahaha
Has this ever happened before? Amazing tournament.



Whoops! Wrong school.

Not over yet

Spanks still has Miami (Fla) in the final 4 and winning 1 more game.

It’s not over until there is a video review. That said, I am happy w my finish.

I meant that none of us picked the winner this year. I believe that is unprecedented.

I am relieved to not finish last. No points in the last 3 rounds.

Oldredhawk1 is NESCACDAD. I finished tied for 7 - top quartile. I’ll take it in this mayhem. No points in the final three rounds. Crazy!