2023 HawkTalk ESPN Bracket Challenge

Greetings everyone!

The annual brag fest begins! No entry fee, enter with your HawkTalk name and have fun!

Look for the following and use the password provided below:

Group: MiamiHawkTalk
Password: OUSucksSince1804

Last year’s final standings, so that we can all laugh at Quinoaburger again:

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What is the password?


Unfortunately the historical results only go back one year so I can’t show off my years of domination before that.

doesn’t seem to be any way to join this hot hawk talk on hoops action. is there a sign up link? I go to the site and it’s only past results.

Current season signup

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Don’t worry, I’ll probably take that dubious honor this year. I haven’t been following hoops as closely as I have in years past. I just thought it would be fun for guys to see last year’s standings before starting up another tourney.

Tyou much. It worked!

I joined! Looking forward to it!

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Welcome back, dude!

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If you want to try something different this site has all the teams rated by mascot.

OK I am in. That should keep everyone else out of last place.

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I am going to the first and second round games in Columbus on Friday and Sunday with 4 other guys. 3 of us are also going to the women’s NCAA DH on Saturday at the Schott in Columbus. My basketball season ( in person) then ends Sunday night.

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Virginia panics…and wilts…and loses.

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I’ll be there as well! If I see you, I’ll say hello.

RIP to @Redhawks16 and I think @Nickskin

Princeton! I guess for me, it’s all downhill from here.

Will be there as well!