2023 Field Hockey Season

RedHawks beat Cal 2-0 at Berkeley!


Super. The good guys (girls) get the win.

Cal lost to Miami and OU last year.

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Yep. At Oxford. RedHawks at UC Davis tomorrow - no trip to Stanford.

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Yea us!


How long before Cal starts thinking that Puzo might be a good head coach for them?

I believe they play in the America East conference right now. If Cal moves to the ACC the competition level and expectations are going to increase on the program from what they are now.

Glad that Sayler signed Puzo to a 7-year contact last year. $200,000 buyout the first three years.

Field hockey coach position at Cal is actually an endowed position. However, it appears that their coach only makes about 20% more than Puzo ($102,500 base).

Yes, there is a big difference in money in college athletics when you get beyond football and basketball.