2023 C Reece Potter (Miami Offer)

How can we be any worse than we were?

Dude, I was planning on selecting you as a member of the consortium.

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I have a time machine. It’s called my wardrobe! My wife told me I looked like the year 1997 the other day. As I stared down at my braided belt, pegged wide leg jeans while admiring my Gant rugby shirt, I knew I’d never love a woman more than her.


Digitalhawk, over the last two decades you’ve been one of the more miserable Miami fans here, but ever since Steele was named the head basketball coach at Miami you’ve been as giddy as a school girl. I don’t want to mess with your newfound happiness, so I’m cancelling the time machine project.


I admit I’m setting unrealistic expectations, but I’ll live with that. And quite frankly discovering Twitter has really made keeping track of the program and recruiting very enjoyable.

Most of all I’m just optimistic for a staff that finally “gets it”.


May I suggest a Twitter handle to follow: Super 70s Sports. Go there. You will laugh. You will laugh hard.

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I really think Steele will turn us around.


He already has…just not in our record yet but he’s fixed everything that sucked before.

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