2023-24 incoming class piece

Incoming class analysis – View From the Glass


“The Miami coaching staff refused to be interviewed for this story and has informed VFTG it will no longer grant our site any coach or player interview requests.”

Charmin soft. 50-ply.

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That’s OK. They only have one year left.

Why the hostility toward VFTG? Its one of the few places that actually cover a Miami sport much less hockey. It’s 99% pro Miami and tries to put a positive spin on things even when we all know things aren’t going well. It doesn’t get much friendlier than that. As far as I know they have never written anything near what I or most people would consider negative or hostile toward the hockey program or coaches.


“ say anything you want to, just spell my name right”

Alex, I’ll take Berge acting petty like Rico for $1,000 please.