2022 Miami Spring Football Practice & Showcase

Miami Football practice to open to the public – here is the schedule

3/15 - Tuesday – 3 pm

3/17 - Thursday – 3 pm

3/29 – Tuesday - 3 pm

3/31 - Thursday – 3 pm

4/02 – Saturday – 10 am

4/05 – Tuesday - 3 pm

4/07 - Thursday – 3 pm

4/09 – Saturday – 10 am

4/12 – Tuesday - 3 pm

4/14 - Thursday – 3 pm

4/16 – Saturday – 10 am

4/19 – Tuesday - 3 pm

4/23 – Saturday – Spring Showcase at 1 pm


Can we merge this with the other spring football thread?

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I went to practice today, and although it was a nice day, most of practice was indoors.

I arrived right at 3 pm & I could not get into the building – I could hear practice, but all of the doors were locked. After 6 or 7 minutes, a retired Miami employee with a key card came along and I went in with him. I found out that Miami has had a security problem, with outsiders wandering around inside the building and stealing things.

If you are going to practice, I suggest arriving 5 to 10 minutes early to get in easier. However, by 3:30 pm, the garage door in the back by the tennis courts, Ohio 732 and the Track was wide open.

At 4 pm, the offense went outside for 20 minutes while defense stayed indoors. By 4:20 pm the offense went in and the kickers stayed out and kicked for the rest of the time.

This early in spring practice, it is hard to evaluate much, but it appears that Aveon Smith is the backup to Brett Gabbert, and both were throwing hard tight spirals well down the field. Also, the projected starting offensive line is enormous it looks like 5 Tommy Doyles.

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If I could find it, yes. Apparently I’m struggling with technology this morning


Have not seen any other updates…any insights from anyone…I suppose, fall is what’s about, but seems quite.

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They have all been on spring break since last Friday - the next practice is next Tuesday, March 29

This is all I’ve seen for the most part. A couple additional pics and videos on twitter and instagram.

Say Miami athletics without saying Miami athletics.


I talked to someone in the Athletic Department and all the doors were open, the practices are/were open to the public. The only doors that are not open are the doors by the main lobby since there is no direct way to get into the DISC from those doors.

Makes sense…they are cannonball’n