2022 College Football Coaching Carousel

What are you talking about?

KY will be moving on from him.

Will you or Koehler be the leading candidate to replace him?

Why did you ask? Just want to be a smart a** huh? Glad to play along. Next time at least say something funny.

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I laughed.


I’m your Huckleberry…

Poor Ballcoach…(chuckling as I type) Can’t get a break here:) :grinning:

Changes with Cal-Berkeley’s offensive coordinator and offensive line coach

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Interesting find: 24/7 Sports lists Joe Bowen as an up and coming “rising star under 30” assistant coach with lots of potential for moving up. We do have at least one in the Cradle. Here’s what they say:

Joe Bowen, Miami (Ohio), Linebackers (29)

Miami (Ohio) brought Bowen back home this offseason, hiring the former student-assistant as linebackers coach. Bowen, who worked with the Redhawks from 2013-16, worked in the Big Ten, ACC and SEC before making his way back. Bowen worked at Michigan State as a GA (2017), Florida State as a GA and analyst (2018-20) and at South Carolina as a GA (2021). The reviews of Bowen at his previous stops have been strong. One source said of Bowen: “He was awesome. A highly valuable member of our defensive staff.” Bowen has already made an impact in recruiting as he was the primary recruiter for the Redhawks’ second-highest ranked recruit (Christian McKinney) thus far in the 2023 class.

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Charlotte has announced the hire of Michigan associate HC Biff Poggi, previously a longtime successful Maryland high school coach and veteran of several college programs.

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Rumors are Lane Kiffin to Auburn

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Lane Kiffin went on twitter to deny it. Time will tell


Lane Kiffin stepping up the savagery

Also some rumors of Deion to Stark Vegas if Leach doesn’t win the Egg Bowl.

Washington just extended first year coach Kalen DeBoer. Take his name off the Nebraska wish list.

Chris Creighton with eight wins so far this season and a win at Arizona State. A possibility for the Nebraska job?

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Rumors flying around that Matt Rhule will be hired soon by the Huskers. Imo Creighton should get a look by a P5 program looking to rebuild, but he’s not sexy enough for a blue blood.

And Leipold was? Nebraska hasn’t been any more of a blue blood than Kansas since they fired Petrino. Creighton has closeby roots, having been HC at Drake.

Nobody else still thinks of Nebraska as a Blue Blood, but I think their fans do. Not a good situation. Creighton would be good for them, but they still think one good hire and they are back on top.


Dick: Interesting comparison. Look at it this way. We were once a Nebraska look-alike…admittedly at a much lower rung on the ladder. Both Miami’s and 'Braska fans got used to winning…a lot. (to the point where the 'Huskers got rid of Solich because "he didn’t mingle/ socialize with boosters). Miami’s problems primarily involve money availability to pay up for a coach who can attempt to duplicate what Boise has done out West…but Miami’s Bd of Trustees/ President simply do not understand the basic concept that a consistently high-level winning FB program (defined as at least 9 wins a year…and probably 10…cf: Boise) elevates all aspects of the university.

So a few diehard fans, with long memories, toil on this board and bitch…when a better strategy might be to direct your salvos to the Trustees…and try to educate these generally "wokesters as to the reality of the Miami FB relevance to the university.