2022 Coaching Search

The fact that David Sayler waited so long to make the move means that he probably already has someone in mind, but I figured I’d share the list of potential candidates I put together. It’s long, but not necessarily comprehensive. I’ve included their current job, the most recent salary info I could find, and a bio.

I’ve separated them into 4 tiers:

Tier 1 (very good options, but would likely be difficult to get)
Tier 2 (good options, but could be pricey and might not be available)
Tier 3 (decent options)
Tier 4 (fallback options)

Tier 1:
John Becker, HC Vermont ($334k + over $100k in bonuses)

Chester Frazier, AC Illinois ($525k)

Dane Fife, AC Indiana ($375k)

Chris Mack, unemployed

Tier 2:
Eric Henderson, HC South Dakota St ($275k)

Jordan Mincy, HC Jacksonville (private)

Robert Jones, HC Norfolk St ($305k)

Roger Powell, AC Gonzaga (private)

Tier 3:
Travis Steele, unemployed

Charlie Henry, AC Alabama ($309k)

Jared Grasso, HC Bryant (private)

Griff Aldrich, HC Longwood ($150k)

BJ McKie, AC Wake Forest (private)

Neill Berry, AC Marquette (private)

Tier 4:
Sean Dwyer, AC Loyola-Chicago (private)

Brian Ayers, AHC Belmont (private)

Ben McCollum, HC NW Missouri St (unknown)

Jerrod Calhoun, HC Youngstown St ($200k)

Austin Claunch, HC Nicholls St ($130k)

Jamion Christian, unemployed

Ricardo Greer, AHC Dayton (private)

Ali Farokhmanesh, AC Colorado St ($160k)

James Whitford, unemployed

Bashir Mason, HC Wagner (private)

Jermaine Henderson, AC Kansas St (unknown)

Ben Howlett, HC West Liberty ($93k)

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Crean is the answer.

Not sure if he knows anything or is just speculating, but Jeff Borzello is talking about Travis Steele.

Despite coaching at some of the most resource rich programs in the country, Crean’s career record in conference play when he doesn’t have Dwyane Wade is 149-199.


As someone who follows X UC and Miami bball, I think Steele would be great hire. Our roster will quickly become one of the best in the MAC.

Re Mack- he’s getting around 130k/month to NOT work…I don’t think he takes any job until at least next year.

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Seems like an easy quick take given the geographic location, but who knows. Would a Big East retread (with no other head coach experience) be our coaching candidate ceiling? Perhaps.

I’m not sold on Steele as a coach, but if the rumor is true that we’re shopping for a lead donor on a Millett redo, he’d be an obvious candidate because of his family wealth.

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How could we afford Crean?

This is a great, comprehensive list, but there are guys in tier 4 that are in no way ‘fallback options’. I’d scrap them.

We need someone who knows how to recruit to, and win at Miami.

On paper Jack Owens was a great hire, but Miami is a different place. To be successful we need someone who plays chess, not checkers, when it comes to recruiting. There are a small handful of guys on this list who know what it takes.


I literally just listened to him on Pardon My Take this morning saying that he wants to keep coaching over doing media so name a better spot than us?

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We need someone who can win with limited resources.


Chet the Jet. First.

Steele was making something like a mil a year at XU and had been extended through 23-24. I assume he is due a big buyout so perhaps he’d be willing to take a half mil a year if his buyout makes up the rest for a couple of years…again, that is likely only if his wifey and him really want to stay in Cincy near her roots in Indian Hill.

Crean’s not coming. Steele’s not coming.

It’ll be your traditional assistant coach from another program who wants to get started up as a head coach. The guy from Vermont is getting a brand new gym. He’s leaving Vermont for a “hopefully Millett finally gets redone”? I’d love to hear that sales pitch

Granted, Hueston Woods has a nice Maple Syrup Festival, but it ain’t nothing like Vermont maple syrup


Fate: “Water over the damn” but you think Pedon would have come if we had moved faster?

I think Chet could be a solid option. There are rumors linking him to D1 jobs already and I think he could build some excitement around the program.


I actually didn’t even include him on my initial draft of this list because I assumed there was zero chance he’d have any interest. I’m choosing to run wild based on flight tracker rumors.

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I like him as an assistant coach option, but I’m not sure he’s ready to be head coach. It’s a huge leap to go from coaching in high school to coaching in a top half D1 college conference.

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So we are getting one of these two.


Maybe not such a huge leap if you hire the right assistants.