2022 All-MAC selections

Coach of the Year: Tim Albin, Ohio
Vern Smith Leadership Award Winner: Kurtis Rourke, QB, Ohio
Offensive Player of the Year: Kurtis Rourke, QB, Ohio
Defensive Player of the Year: Jose Ramirez, DL, Eastern Michigan
Special Teams Player of the Year: Alex McNulty, PK, Buffalo
Freshman of the Year: Sieh Bangura, RB, Ohio

Miami selections:

2022 All-MAC Second Team Offense

Offensive Lineman – Rusty Feth, Miami
Wide Receiver – Mac Hippenhammer, Miami

2022 All-MAC Second Team Defense

Linebacker – Ryan McWood, Miami
Punter – Dom Dzioban, Miami

2022 All-MAC Third Team Defense

Linebacker – Matthew Salopek, Miami
Defensive Back – John Saunders Jr., Miami

2022 All-MAC Third Team Specialists

Kickoff Return Specialist – Jalen Walker, Miami

I salute all seven of our guys who made All MAC. I am concerned we didn’t have a single player named to the first team.


Jose Ramirez does it all.

we are after all 4-4 in the MAC…these are a bit popularity contest after the final standings…so I mean makes sense.

Bigger concern is no young offense players anywhere…

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I would think that the top defense in the conference (in terms of points and rushing yards allowed) would have had more players named to the all conference teams, but I think in the case of Miami’s defense the “defense as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

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4-4 Kent had four guys on First Team Offense, truly a popularity comtest

Their offense was (statistically) good, ours was not…like I said “a bit” of popularity contest.

PS - “Bigger concern is no young offense players anywhere…”

Still a bit surprising that Kent has that many on 1st team…for me the issue is no young offensive players anywhere and three (3) of 7 graduate…but on the flipside, OU only had two more players named overall and they were clearly better than us this time around.


This one is both encouraging and thought provoking…what to do. Nearly tied for 6th in the league.

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Those are also NET yards after subtracting sacks.

Yeah…a top rusher in league from QB position.

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So Caleb Shaffer wasn’t selected to any of the All-MAC teams? It will be interesting what type of offers he gets in the portal

Who do we think should have been on the all league teams that wasnt?

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I don’t think there were any snubs, but I would’ve had Salopek and Saunders higher.

I think a case could be made for Dom as first team. My concern is not that we were slighted but that our selections were realistically ranked. Someone pointed out the lack of any young offensive skill players on any of the three teams. That’s a bit of a red flag for next year, considering Hip and Jalen are both gone.


Nicholson should’ve been 3rd team, maybe 2nd.