2003 Miami, 4th best team in the nation?

This guy’s algorithm says so. He’s going through all FBS programs and ranking their past 40 years (we’re 72/131, which is saying something with how we’ve been since 2005) with deep dives on each. According to him the 2003 team was 4th best in the nation that year, and the 8th best non-power conference team overall since 1983. Conversely, the 2013 team is the 3rd-worst of all teams in that span. Interestingly our 2019 MAC champs are lower in his rankings versus a few other Martin squads (2018, 2021).



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I saw that 2013 team open the season at Marshall. After being tied 14 all at the half, they ended up losing 52-14. The 2013 was the worst Miami team I ever saw - and the first one I saw was in 1964 so I’ve been watching a long time.


that 2013 team was the worst college team I ever had the dis pleasure of seeing and following