20 years ago today… Miami 33, BG 10

Sportscenter highlights from that night

If you were there, you know. If you weren’t, it’s hard to explain.

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Seems like only yesterday.

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I was there on the 40 yard line. 70°+ all night. Best advertising by athletics leading up to the game. Just a picture of a Miami player and the words “Are you afraid of the dark?”

And not just the game, the entire day feels like it just happened.

Yep, that was a better than good day. (and night).

Yeah, I was in the band for that one….

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I wasn’t there but watched on ESPN. That was SO much fun.

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Was warm enough we played golf at Indian Ridge that afternoon. Restaurants uptown packed with long waits.

In true athletic dept. style there was one ticket booth and many people missed the whole first quarter.

I believe one week later was the “windy” game vs. Marshall.


Four years out of school but we were in the standing room only student section. I have never felt a game that was that electric. It was November but just jeans and a sweatshirt.
I remember the game against Marshall as well - I ended up buying a stadium blanket to help stay warm that night.

Fun times! And Miami averaged 25,000 a game in home attendance that year, too. A magical season!