2 in 22 video

Yeah, it’s been up forever, but I just was poking around Youtube and was directed to this video in the last season of Old Goggin, and my eyes started to well up when Guerin slammed the one-timer home and at Dave Allen’s call.

One of my favorite moments ever for any team, any sport, and yes, HockeyChica and I were there, thank God.

Miami University Hockey vs WMU 2 goals in 22 seconds (youtube.com)


Thanks for sharing.

I was there too. One of the best memories of old Goggin. My seats we’re right across the aisle from the band so it was often raucous, but at that moment the entire arena lost it.


That was just a such a good place for a hockey game, and a cool building on campus…a real big shame they tore it down.

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That was fun to watch!

I was at Miami when old Goggin opened, and it was THE place to be for an exciting hockey experience! The place was small but often packed and oh so noisy !

I even ended up playing intramural hockey at Goggin (disclaimer: I was a pretty lousy skater), which was also a lot of fun.

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Next to last row on center ice. Thanks to the Godfather, he had an extra one that night and he asked me to join him


We had an intramural hockey game right after this game so me and a few teammates got to watch it right at ice level. WMU had to walk past us to get to their locker room. At least two dudes snapped their sticks coming off or on the walk to the locker room. Goggin was going nuts. Great experience.