16 years ago

Some MHTers decided “screw it, let’s go to Fairbanks and watch some hockey.”

Did you know last call is 4AM in Alaska? Do you know how that feels when you stay out till last call while operating on Eastern time? Yikes.


True story: the high was 28 in Fairbanks that weekend. With an unseasonable cold snap back in Charlottesville, I returned to law school with a high of 9.


Yep, great trip with so many wonderful memories. When we flew out to come home it was hovering around negative 20 or so at the airport. When we were “bathing” outside at Chena it was around 10 degrees. Never showered with a sled dog before. I do know if I would have had a bottle of Tylenol with me I could have sold it for a fortune to the guy who closed down the I Bar the night (morning) before. Who said Miami fans don’t travel?


My old territory! Love the Chena Pump

I was in Anchorage for the Iditarod start in 2020 right before the world shut down. I barely made it through the 8pm Anchorage time dinner, let alone 4am.

I was old even then, so I was soundly sleeping by midnight. A couple of us did visit the hotel bar for a drink or two. My friend and I flew in two days earlier than the others. We visited UAF to look around and buy the mandatory sweatshirt. We were dressed in several layers of down. The students had shorts and deck shoe’s with no socks. Hats and gloves and down jackets. They somehow could tell we were strangers in them there parts. I wish we still had the live pictures from the newspaper camera that were on the internet and viewed by people back in Oxford I was told the majority of the place was following our adventures. The thread was hilarious.

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