Women's Net rankings

Toledo 68
Buffalo 72
Kent 99
Ohio 104
BG 113
Ball State 122
Western Michigan 149
Akron 164
Northern Illinois 167
Miami 200
Eastern Michigan 225
Central Michigan 272

Looking at this, the MAC tournament champion will be the only NCAA bid, but the league should put 4 or 5 teams in the WNIT. There are 356 division 1 teams this year.

Yikes, there must be some horrible womens’ teams out there.

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It’s been ages, but I do recall going to a women’s basketball game mid 90’s where they absolutely demolished one of the worst teams I’ve ever seen. Must have been like ‘95 or ‘96. I’m gonna Google it as I can’t remember the name much less what I said 5 minutes ago. I think that team would be well below any team in the 300’s. I wonder if there were rankings out that far back then?