Why Ohio won

You guys like stats, so. OU converted on 56% of 3rd downs we were under 15%. We were 0-2 on 4th down. OU was on offense 70% of the game. The defense wore down. We had no turnovers and only 2 penalties. Their offense looked more powerful that ours in every way. I think the defense did a good job for as long as they could. They wore us down. They kept the ball away and we did not help ourselves by converting on 3rd downs.

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And beyond that, we’ve lost to them four times in a row now - including last year when they were 3-9. Those are the statistics that really matter.


Why Ohio won:

Better players
Better coaching

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Better coaching - check
Better playmakers - check
Better play calling - check
Better players - maybe but believe the first three items is why Ohio won.


At the rate we’re losing to OU, if UC drops the rivalry with Miami, OU will be able to step into the breech…and add to the 'Cat losing streak. See what i did there?

UC Bearcats replaced by OU Bobcats.

2019 Win @ OU
2020 No game
2021 Loss @ OU
2022 Loss v. OU

That’s two in a row. What am I missing here?



Chuck is 2-6 vs Ohio. That’s not good.


Miami won 2 of the last 4 vs OU.


Thanks Dick. You are correct. Two losses in a row and 4 losses in Martin’s 6 tries. Lasts year’s was loss was particularly ugly. They weren’t a good team.

Chuck Martin is undefeated against Toledo!

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Plain and simple: OU was the better team in most all facets of the game, including playmaking, coaching, game plan, and overall offensive capabilities. Just better. :frowning:

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BC#1 is that you?

No it’s not.